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The fact that we can philosophise is perhaps one of the greatest assets of humankind.  It is what separates us from animals. Yet, this amazing ability to reason and think abstractly about the nature of reality is often averted. We unknowingly shy away from the truth, as the truth, in it's very nature, is self-disempowering. Can we hold on to our sense of identity with a profound recognition that we are nothing more than products of circumstance? Can we continue to stand by our relative truths with absolute conviction knowing that existence is fundamentally paradoxical? Can we vehemently contend to satisfy our desires knowing that desire is simply a manifestation of a self-referencing addiction? Can we continue to impose our judgement on others knowing that all we are doing is re-enforcing our sense of self, which is nothing more than a fabrication of the mind? If so, how much longer can we continue down this road of self-delusion? 

Many of you will be familiar with "The God Delusion" - a book written by Richard Dawkins. In reply to this book, there was a book published called "The Science Delusion" - written by Rupert Sheldrake. The Self Delusion goes a step further in attempting to illustrate that the greatest delusion of all is of course the "self", or the "ego" as it is otherwise known.

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